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The Liberty Seminars are a life-time opportunity to DISCUSS, PRESENT & DEBATE human rights, markets, public policies and law in breathtaking scenery of the Julian Alps. Two one-week seminars—Liberty Camp and Liberty Academy—provide an opportunity to delve into current economic and political topics.
In January 2013 the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal released a report on the state of affairs of economic freedoms in the world. This was the 19th report of this kind which has been published since 1995. According to this report, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks 103rd on the Economic Freedom Index (169). In the European framework Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks 38th out of 43 countries.
Keynes’s keynote book, The General Theory, is loaded with economic theory. There are only two pages of data in that book, and Keynes dismisses the scant data he cites as “improbable.” By contrast, Piketty’s new book, Capital in the Twenty-first Century, is stuffed with data.
Panel discussions at each conference stop along the Road Show will consider the current Euro-zone crisis, explore what kind of Europe people want, examine the ‘conundrum’ in which the European Union finds itself in and discuss ways to turn the current crisis into an opportunity.
Can the liberty movement of the 21st century duplicate the success had by socialists in the 20th? That’s the topic of discussion as I fidget in an uncomfortable 19th century desk chair at Humboldt University in Berlin.
Last year, the Economist ranked Bosnia and Herzegovina among the most likely countries to experience social unrest in the 2014. At the time, no one took such predictions seriously.